ENDC is an all-round and innovative centre of expertise in the field of pharma, nutrition/feed and health. We offer you extensive expertise and years of experience in the field of pharmacy, food supplements, laboratory and laboratory diagnostics. ENDC is thereby synonymous with innovation, competence and quality.




In ENDC we work in a socially, scientifically and economically responsible manner. We offer companies and doctors/therapists a unique combination of activities and services in the field of:


ENDC exemplifies a personal, solid and scientifically based approach. We deliver innovative custom–made solutions for:

  • the pharmaceutical industry in the field of research, development and quality related  questions;
  • the food supplements industry in the field of legislation and regulations, quality and production;
  • the health care provider at the time of diagnosis.

We stand with our broad and comprehensive background, in combination with our passion and enthusiasm, to guarantee a unique finished product.

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